Langone Chair in American Leadership

Promoting Prosperity Through Competition and Rule of Law

CSIS established the Langone Chair in American Leadership to identify the complex problems facing the United States today and develop pragmatic solutions to advance American leadership in the world.
The Langone Chair examines the major problems facing the United States from a wide-angle lens. In this delicate moment, when American security and prosperity faces a range of traditional and non-traditional threats, the Langone Chair goes beyond the two- to five-year perspective typical of think tank work. We are looking into the fundamental trends reshaping the world and America’s role in them.
The United States is entering a period of global competition, where it is neither a benign observer nor a decider of world developments. In order to advance American and global interests, the United States needs to rethink what leadership looks like in this century. The American people are adapting to a rapidly changing world. It is time our foreign policy adapts too.

CSIS President and CEO John J. Hamre currently holds the Langone Chair on American Leadership. Before joining CSIS, he served as the 26th U.S. deputy secretary of defense.