Global Food and Water Security Program

Leading research, analysis, and policy recommendations to improve global food and water security.

Around the world, food insecurity and malnutrition contribute to social and political unrest, and thwart human and economic development. Russia’s war in Ukraine has disrupted global agricultural markets and worsened food insecurity among nations already dealing with the lingering shocks from Covid-19, ongoing effects of regional conflict, and increasing impacts of climate change. And while climate change is limiting access to freshwater, demand for freshwater is increasing across sectors—including agriculture, which accounts for the majority of global freshwater use and is the greatest nonpoint source of water pollution. Water security at the household level is likewise critical to food security and nutrition everywhere.

The CSIS Global Food and Water Security Program conducts independent research and analysis and provides policy recommendations to address dynamic threats to global food security and global water security, with a distinct focus on the relationship between global food and water security policy under the CSIS Project on Water Security. 

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Digital Report by Caitlin Welsh , Joseph Majkut , and Zane Swanson — May 4, 2023