Diversity and Leadership in International Affairs Project

Elevating diverse voices and perspectives in international affairs

Decisionmaking processes that include diverse voices and perspectives lead to more ideas, more innovation, and more robust policy solutions. But many of those who are best positioned to provide those diverse perspectives are underrepresented, particularly at senior levels, in the organizations that lead policy development on U.S. national security and foreign policy priorities and challenges. The Diversity and Leadership in International Affairs Project works to highlight and promote those voices by:

  • examining which diversity and inclusion efforts can truly make an impact within U.S. federal agencies and international affairs think tanks
  • working to improve diversity and inclusion at CSIS
  • training and equipping a new generation of diverse leaders in international affairs


CSIS envisions a workforce that embraces its collective mixture of differences and appropriately values how those differences enhance the organization’s ability to meet its overall mission. The Center provides policies and practices that support the cultural tone of inclusion and respect for all employees, forming the bedrock of our organization’s success. CSIS maintains leadership in fostering a more welcoming and inclusive workplace.


CSIS aims to ensure that the organization’s workforce is diverse, and its policies and practices support an inclusive culture. We strive to provide equal opportunity for all employees to realize their full potential, cultivate strategic external partnerships, and reenvision foreign policy using a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) lens.

CSIS Pillars of Success in DEI

CSIS take a full-scope approach to DEI, which includes complete consideration of every level of the career lifecycle—from the applicant pool to the exit interview. There are five strategic pillars of success that define our approach to DEI programming:

  1. Organizational Commitment
  2. Workforce Diversity
  3. Employee Engagement and Inclusion
  4. External Engagement
  5. Sustainability

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Contact Information


Hadeil Ali
Director, Diversity and Leadership in International Affairs Project